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Solana Token Development Company In Dubai

Solana Token Development Company In Dubai

What technology stack does Solana use?


The largest challenge with distributed networks is agreeing on the time and order in which events happen since nodes in a distributed network can’t trust the timestamp on messages received from other nodes.


To transmit blocks (communicate blocks between validators) independently of consensus, Solana uses a separate but connected protocol called Turbine. The Turbine is mostly influenced by BitTorrent and is intended to be streamed.

Tower BFT

PBFT with PoH optimization Solana runs a consensus mechanism called Tower BFT on top of Proof of History, which is a PBFT-like algorithm that uses the synchronised clock allowed by PoH to reach network transaction consensus.


A Transaction Processing Unit for Solana network validation optimization, the transaction validation procedure fully utilises pipelining, a CPU design improvement.


Storage of distributed ledgers the use of a high-performance network to store and maintain data is expected to become a key vector for centralization.

Why choose Solana

Solana will be a key distinction in a network’s infrastructure readiness to communicate with other blockchains as DeFi grows in popularity. Solana has set a precedent that other blockchains will continue to follow.

  • Superlative Security Model
  • Heterogeneous Sharding
  • Scalability
  • Community Driven
  • Digital Content
  • Cross-Chaining
  • Parallel Processing
  • Trustworthy Consensus Algorithm

Solana Token Development Solutions

Launching Smart Contract MLM on the Solana Network, a decentralised MLM network controlled by smart contracts. As a reward for the development and deployment of the Solana token, Solanaix (TRX) is used. Start your smart contract MLM on Solana with complete safety and dependability and attract all profit margins to your business.

Why OGSS For Solana Token Development?

We provide comprehensive source code as well as the opportunity to customise it to meet your specific business requirements. We guarantee that there will be no recurring charges and that the payment process will be simple. We give you a solid foundation on which to build your Solana token platform as your user base increases. Our platform is built with the most cutting-edge technology currently available.

Our Custom Solana Token Development Services

Solana Token Development Interface

We can assist you with developing the Solana token interface in Rust using Javascript and C bindings that allow you to load the token software on-chain and provide commands.

SPL Token Trading

Trade and exchange your SPL tokens securely on our decentralized exchanges.

Solana Token Swap

We can help you set up a new token swap pool by using AMM curves to allow users to safely trade their token pairings.

Solana Token Lending

Create a lending protocol on the Solana blockchain that will allow investors to lend and borrow tokens on a secure, decentralized platform.


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