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Dapp Mobile Wallet Development

Dapp Mobile Wallet Development

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software application used to store your crypto and allow users to store and retrieve their digital assets. It is a software functionality used to hold public and private keys and allow users to send & receive cryptocurrencies and have track of the crypto balance. You can take it as a combination of a bank and a wallet.
This wallet is a secure medium to monitor, earn and transfer your digital currencies (crypto tokens). In this wallet, the cryptocurrencies are recorded as transactions on the blockchain network like Hyperledger, Ethereum, etc. Whenever crypto is transferred to the wallet, its ownership is passed to the dedicated wallet’s address. Hence we suggest that all crypto owners must have a cryptocurrency wallet because it enhances the security of their digital currencies. A crypto wallet developed by a cryptocurrency wallet development company lets users control the cryptocurrency and have a smooth and secure digital transaction. This wallet can be in any form like- offline, online, mobile or desktop or software. Get an insight into the various types of cryptocurrency wallets and explore the type that best suits your requirements.


Types of cryptocurrency wallet


Web/Online Wallet

These wallets are helpful to users who cannot access their PC and want to view their accounts. Here you have control over your cryptos from anywhere via any browser or mobile crypto wallet app with access to the web. Zengo wallet is one of the examples of these types of wallet.

Mobile Wallet

It is a combination of desktop and online wallets. Here users can use the mobile crypto wallet app and access their crypto from any place across the globe. Some of the best mobile wallets and the best crypto wallet apps are- Exodus, Trust wallet, etc.

Desktop Wallet

This wallet enables the user to store their crypto on the desktop. These wallets work on all operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You have to install these wallets like any software. The best bitcoin desktop wallets and bitcoin wallet apps are- Electrum, Exodus, Atomic Wallet, and Bitcoin core

Hardware Wallet

Here you can store cryptocurrencies onto physical equipment plugged into your system via a USB port. The two most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets are- Ledger Nano X and TREZOR T

Network-Specific Wallet

These wallets are perfect for storing multiple tokens on a single network. Free Wallet is one of the examples of a Network-Specific wallet.

Custodial Wallet

In this type of wallet, the private keys are being stored by a third party’s server. FreeWallet, BitMEX are some of the examples of custodial wallets.

Software Wallet

Any wallet that is software-based is a software wallet. You can either have it as a desktop wallet or mobile wallet (Android, iOS). Jaxx Liberty, BitGo are the most popular software wallets.

Full Node Wallet

You control your private keys in a full node wallet and store a full copy of the blockchain. A few examples of full node wallets and blockchain wallet apps are- Umbrel, Specter, MyNode, Blockcore, etc.

Coin-Specific Wallet

If you want to have a wallet for a specific crypto coin, this wallet will be the best choice because this wallet works only with a particular coin. Coin base wallet is one of the popular coin-specific wallets having its crypto wallet app, browser extension, and decentralized application (dApp).

Universal Wallet

Using this type of wallet, you can access different addresses of multiple crypto coins in one place. One of the popular universal wallets is Coinomi which is famous for its multi-chain crypto bitcoin wallet app and desktop wallet.

Dapp Mobile Wallet Development services

While there are several types of crypto wallets, the truth is that mobile wallets are the most popular. We live in a mobile-first world dominated by mobile apps and smartphones. Unless you have a specific niche user in mind, crypto wallet app development should focus on mobile users to have the most significant impact. With that in mind, there are several key features that all cryptocurrency wallets should have, including:

User authentication

Payment gateways

QR scanner

Support for multiple currencies

Conversion rates

Automatic logout


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