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P2P Lending Software has been fuelled by the convergence of new technologies, the introduction of innovative lending models, and changing consumer behaviour.

P2P Lending Software

P2P loan platform development

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White Label P2P Lending Platform Development

The evolution and spread of peer-to-peer or P2P crypto lending software has been fuelled by the convergence of new technologies, the introduction of innovative lending models, and changing consumer behaviour. P2P lending software is raking in large earnings for a slew of crypto fans all over the world. The fact that 3 billion individuals globally are unbanked, as stated by the World Bank, is driving most enterprises and entrepreneurs to enter the P2P lending sector.

Furthermore, many people are unable to obtain credit because of their bad credit. Building a P2P lending platform can be a way to take advantage of these people’s lack of access to financial institutions by offering them with a modern P2P lending market to meet their borrowing or lending needs.

Through P2P lending software development, OGSS can assist you in reaching out to 3 billion unbanked people.

We provide a white label P2P lending platform that is rich in market-leading features and can be quickly launched into the market under your brand name. With mission-driven peer to peer lending software development, we can provide you with an automated platform with a robust matching engine or simply a lending marketplace. Our turnkey solution can assist crypto startups like you in realising your vision of establishing a P2P crypto lending platform.


Features of our White Label P2P Lending Software

Our rigorous research and design thinking-driven approach to P2P lending software development established an original roadmap for the development of our P2P white label lending software, which includes the features listed below.

Multi-layer security

To achieve additional login security and encrypted user access, we use industry-leading security solutions like SSL implementation and two-factor authentication (2FA).


Geography-based KYC and AML verification processes confirm users’ identities and come into effect during the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies equivalent to a specific amount and above.

Escrow System

Users’ crypto assets are locked and released automatically by a safe, smart-contract-driven Escrow mechanism, resulting in instant and transparent transactions.

Hot Wallet

The integration of multi-cryptocurrency, encrypted hot wallet enables secure storage and instant transactions of a spectrum of cryptocurrencies.

LVR Calculation

Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) calculation helps in risk assessment, allowing your users to make well-informed decisions while borrowing and lending a loan.

Flexible Interest Calculation

According to your company model, you can compute the interest rate on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis with the flexible interest calculation.


The refinance option allows your platform users (Borrowers) to utilize their current loan amount to acquire another loan from another lender upon successful repayment of the current loan’s interest.

Auto-Renewal of Loans

It eliminates the need to manually put a lending order into the order book, thereby accelerating the process. The auto-renewal can be toggle on and off as per your users’ (Lenders) needs.

Admin Panel – a Bank in Itself

Strengthened by FinTech KPIs such as Financial KPI, Order Book KPI, Loan Profile KPI and User Startup KPI, the Admin Panel allows you to monitor the transactions happening within the ecosystem and measure your ROI.

P2P lending platform development company with a complete range of services

Product Design

Compelling application design can help you outshine competition. The design team at Code & Pepper will be thrilled to join the time-to-market race and bring their expertise on board.

E2E Product Development

Digital lending operates on many layers, including data processing, payments, and security. It’s our goal to engineer every layer to perfection and achieve top performance.

3rd Party Integrations

What about integrations with digital wallets or open banking? With hands-on experience in implementing such solutions, our teams can build efficient, reliable and secure products.

API Development

With API-driven development, we can create a developer-friendly code structure and help promote your product not only among your customers, but also among the tech community.

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