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Crypto Ticket Booking System

Online Ticket Reservation System with Cryptocurrency Gateway

Using our online ticket reservation system with Cryptocurrency Gateway can help your business to thrive! OGSS uses a comprehensive reservation system to deliver a quality product to customers.

Features of Online Booking Software with Cryptocurrency Gateway


Ease of Use

For people to go through with their intention to book, the booking system itself is the first complication. Online booking systems should be accessible to use for the company but also for the customer. It should be convenient with clear steps.

Calendar Incorporation

When booking, it helps customers when they are shown a calendar. They can then click on the day they want and book from there. On the calendar, it should be self-explanatory which assignments are available.


Payment Facilities

with Cryptocurrency Gateway everything is possible, Not every company needs to approach payments in advance. If yours is one that does, you need to make sure that the payment system is a continue process for customers.


Real-Time Booking

There’s no reason your customers should have to wait for booking acceptance, with the days of email and phone booking behind us. Your guests are there to make a booking quickly and comfortably. Therefore, bookings on your site should be in real-time. Customers should immediately receive acceptance.


Third-Party Integration

The online booking system will, of course, contain a lot of data about your clients and assignments. This can be used by you for your marketing and decision making. That’s why it’s essential that you find an online booking system that integrates with other marketing tools. These would include Google ad words or Facebook.

User Roles in online crypto ticket booking system


Here you can find user customization that enables them to have certain privileges and grant access to the system features and functionality. There are three user levels within the ticket booking system: User, Agent, and Administrator. Let’s take a look below:

Users have basic permissions in the ticket booking system, can search the desired destination, choose a seat and make a payment in one click.
Agents are users who can manage the functionality and have access to all features within the system.
Administrator is able to manage every aspect of the system, has visibility to all features and changes system settings.


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