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MLM Software Developers in Dubai, UAE

A Multi Level Marketing (MLM) website or online software is a web platform for the distribution of products and services related to an MLM company, in which members or users earn money by delivering products or services to other members in the same plan.

MLM direct selling software can be purchased as part of a package to manage your MLM direct selling business. MLM direct selling software refers to the process of marketing and selling goods or services directly to consumers without the use of any middlemen such as wholesalers or distributors.

MLM direct sales software is typically sold door-to-door by company representatives rather than through permanent retail outlets such as supermarkets and showrooms. Typically, business representatives will show the goods to individuals or groups of people and leave a list of items with them. Later, the agent or others select prospective customers and take orders. As you can see, direct trading necessitates more personal contact with customers than is typical in retail or postal orders.


Best MLM Software Company in Dubai UAE

When discussing MLM Software Developers in UAE, it is also worthwhile to discuss MLM Business in UAE. India has always been a hub for many different types of businesses. Multinational Corporations from all over the world have recognised the potential of Indian markets, and the rate at which the Indian economy is growing has encouraged investors from all sectors to invest. With a market capitalization of approximately $1.1 billion, the UAE is one of the most promising countries for launching a Multi-Level Marketing business. In the Indian business market, there are many companies that are involved in Multi Level Marketing and make money through direct sales.

Why O G S S Technologies for MLM Software Development?

MLM software is critical to the success of multi-level marketing businesses. O G S S Technologies, a leading MLM Software company in the UAE, provides the best MLM Software solutions for all multi-level marketing establishments, whether they are small or large. 


Our fully featured Online MLM Software enables MLM companies to manage and route their direct vending business more effectively and profitably. Our secure, dependable, user-friendly, and Web-based Best MLM Software allows for easy client tracking and the generation of various sales and revenue reports. It offers categorised analytical and graphic presentations.

For customers who want to evaluate the features and functionality of our MLM software, we provide a free MLM software demo. As a result, send us an inquiry for an MLM Software demo, and we will assist you in guiding and delivering the best MLM Software solution at an affordable price.

Our technical team is our most important asset. We have a track record of success. We have created a number of MLM Compensation Plans to integrate into our MLM software that will meet all of your needs.


MLM strategies or Network Marketing Compensation plans serve as the foundation of any MLM network. The network structure, payouts, bonuses, commissions, and so on are all determined by the compensation plan chosen. A compensation plan should ideally be chosen based on the product sold, legal requirements, and training methods. Today, there are numerous compensation plans used in MLM, each with its own design, commissions, and rewards.

Binary Plan

The Binary Plan is a simple and popular compensation structure used in MLM. It is a two-legged structure that promotes teamwork and offers attractive rewards while maintaining company and distributor growth. This plan is widely used because of its simplicity.

Matrix Plan

Matrix MLM plan is a compensation structure in which members are arranged in a fixed number of rows and columns. Since the width is restricted, companies can recruit more distributors in the downline and maintain a fixed group of primary members.

Party Plan

Party Plan MLM is one of the most popular, successful, and widely recognizable compensation plans used today. It is adopted by distributors for promoting products by arranging social gatherings in which the products will be displayed and demonstrated.

Gift Plan

In the Gift Plan, you simply offer gifts or donations to someone and stand the chance to receive gifts from multiple members of the network. As the plan is based on a “give and take” concept, it is also called a Donation Plan or Helping Plan.

Unilevel Plan

Unilevel Plan has only one business level, and all the downlines of a distributor are positioned directly in that level. There is no concept of spillover and the recruiting efforts of a distributor are directly profitable for them.

Board Plan

The Board Plan is a compensation structure suited for a limited number of members. As the name implies, a board is the highlight of this plan. 2×2 board plans are commonly used, in which each member has to recruit two other people to the network.

Stair Step Plan

In the Stair Step Plan, a distributor and their team breakaway after he/she reaches the top rank. This breakaway team is then placed as a new tree or leg directly below the admin. This team then functions as a new group beneath the admin.

Australian X-Up Plan

The Australian X-Up Plan is a variation of the popular Unilevel MLM Plan. A member of the network has to pass up their first X sales to their upline. After passing up the first X sales, the member can gain their earnings from their upcoming sales.

Generation MLM Plan

The Generation MLM Plan is fundamentally based on profit sharing. It is also called Gap Commission Plan, or Repurchase Plan. The plan is often considered to be a powerful compensation structure that can pay up to many levels deep.

Hybrid MLM Plan

The Hybrid MLM Plan combines the best parts of multiple MLM plans. The most popular combination is a hybrid of Unilevel and Binary plans. Hybrid Plans can be customized according to the requirements of the company. Members of the network can get paid up to X number of levels.

Australian Binary Plan

The Australian Binary Plan is a variation of the tri-binary MLM plan. Members have the option to choose options to sponsor more than two direct downlines. They can also develop additional parallel legs apart from the conventional left and right legs.

Monoline Plan

Monoline Plan has a simple business model that anyone can easily understand. It is also known as single leg MLM Plan or Linear MLM Plan. You will receive monthly income which overrides all the members underneath you, even those you did not recruit.

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