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Force Matrix MLM Software Plan

Looking to earn while maintaining the simplicity and easiness of your Matrix MLM compensation plans? Our Matrix MLM Software may be the apt choice for your business.

Multi-level marketing business needs to be run by a network of highly motivated individuals who are willing to drive business to the next level.

This also means that success depends on the kind of compensation plans that leaders choose for their associates. The MLM compensation plan is the foundation of your business success. By choosing the MLM software for your plan, you can inspire, motivate, and drive more sales for sustained business. This is why MLM Software offered by OGSS Technologies is the best choice for you.

Keeping in mind the need for continued efficiency, managed risks, and potential to skyrocket earning, today, the Matrix Compensation plan has gained popularity.

Matrix MLM Compensation plan or more commonly referred to as the ‘Forced Matrix Compensation Plan’ and is suited for all types of MLM businesses. This plan follows a pyramid scheme wherein there is a fixed number of recruits sponsored by a distributor. There is a limit to sponsoring downline members, both width and depth-wise, and this is calculated as width* depth.

What is a Forced Matrix MLM Plan and How Does it Work?

The logic behind a Matrix compensation plan is easy to understand. It is based on the concept of fixed width and depth, rendering an organized structure to your business. In the meanwhile, it reduces the risk and increasing accuracy and efficiency of operations.

Our Forced Matrix MLM Plan software ensures that the pyramid grows according to the inputs defined by forced matrix MLM companies. Some of the popular MLM plans that firms use 2*12, 4*7, 5*7, and 3*9. For a better understanding, let’s say there is a group of 5*4. This means five sponsors on the first level, managing four levels deep.

The limit on the number of distributors in Forced Matrix MLM plan, doesn’t necessarily limit your potential to earn high revenues. That’s what makes the Forced Matrix compensation plan a win-win for business and associates. When a business encounters additional recruits/ distributors, these are placed only down in their organization and under another distributor. Once the maximum number of members is reached, a spillover effect takes place where all additional members leak into the next level or perhaps deeper levels as per plan.

A huge advantage of the plan is that the spillover creates an environment of shared benefits. Distributors get more associates, benefits, opening up opportunities for enhanced earnings. With an effective Forced Matrix MLM Plan Software like OGSS, you don’t have to worry about these complicated matrics.


Bonuses in Matrix MLM Plan


Matching Bonus


Level Bonus


Position Bonus


Sponsor Bonus


Sponsor Bonus

It is the direct commission that the associate earns every time he/she refers to a new member with the amount depending on the company policy and package chosen by the downline. Our Software can calculate this bonus for you without hiccups.

Level Bonus

This is the bonus earned when a new member gets placed under your level. Don’t worry, our Matrix MLM Plan Software will take the burden of bonus calculation for you.


Position Bonus

A type of motivational compensation piece is an opportunity to earn additional income, given out when the downline team members recruit new members and they join within their matrix. Our Sofware has got this bonus calculation covered too.


Matching Bonus

This is the percentage of commission earned when by a sponsor when his downline earns a commission. But you don’t have to worry calculating it, our robust MLM Software will get it done for you – that too error-free.

Bonuses provide a simplified yet significant opportunity to motivate and retain associates and at the same time, drive earning. However, when not managed well, they can become a deterrent to success. Our MLM software ensures efficiency and well-managed accurate payouts so that associates remain aligned with business priorities and business value increases.


Will the Force matrix MLM Software Plan Make Sense for My Business?

Whether a new company or a seasoned player, a Forced Matrix compensation can open up vast avenues to earn, increase efficiency and create a network of inspired, motivated associates to take the lead and drive business to continued success. With our highly customizable design to suit your requirements, sharpen your business prowess, and become leaders in the MLM space.

Growth Galore: For all types of MLM companies, be it old and even the start-ups, the Matrix plan supported by our MLM software promises a galore of money-making forums. While it takes long periods of time to record earnings, companies that have opted for the Matrix compensation plan have an entirely different story to tell. Even new businesses can reach break-even considerably quick and move towards profits at a fast pace. They start recording revenues as soon as business picks up, and this only multiplies as the number of distributors increase.

Shared Value: The spillover effect is a distinct feature attracting many businesses to opt for the Matrix plan. With downline members generating a stream of revenue for the members above, a plan is an attractive option. This compensation structure creates an environment of shared value, benefitting the entire org structure, thus making it a sought-after deal.

Leverage the power of associates: During the initial stages, you would need to put in efforts to hire the first set of associates, and once that’s done, your members begin to branch out and as associates multiply, so do your profits.

A pipeline of leaders: And last but perhaps one of the most important benefits is that with this plan, you build a team of highly driven associates who lead you to success.


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