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Solana Blockchain Development Company is heavily invested in new technologies in order to deliver a quick, scalable, and advanced marketplace as well as decentralised applications (Dapps). OGSS is a Solana Blockchain Development Company with aristocratic roots. It has firsthand expertise developing high-quality and scalable blockchain DApps that provide trusted and secure platforms for both large corporations and startups.

By providing Solana-based Blockchain Development services, OGSS Technologies is the leading enchanting player. It also includes seasoned experts who have worked in a variety of blockchain verticals. With unique features Solana networks and solutions throughout many industries, our exceptional result-oriented Solana blockchain development services set your organisation distinct across the globe.

Back TitleProof of History (POH) →a clock before consensus

Solana has a PoH clock before the consensus algorithm. That will build more efficiency and a more extraordinary throughput rate within the Solana network.

Gulf Stream → Mempool-less transaction forwarding protocol

It is crucial in terms of transaction caching and forwarding to the network. The validators can then perform transactions ahead of time, which results in faster leader switching, shorter confirmation times, and less memory load on validators due to unconfirmed transaction pools. As a result, this protocol can handle 50k TPS.

Turbine → a block propagation protocol

It can make it simple by turbine protocol to transmit data to the blockchain nodes. It breaks the data into smaller packets. It will be easy for Solana to point out the issues in the bandwidth. And to boost up transactions faster.

Pipeline → a Transaction Processing Unit for validation optimization

Steam of input data assigns to different hardware responsible for the Pipeline. This mechanism allows a transaction to be quickly validated and replicated across all the nodes in the network.

Sealevel → Parallel smart contracts running real-time

Sealevel is a hyper-parallelized transaction processing engine used to scale horizontally across GPUs and SSDs.

Tower BFT → PoH-optimized version of Practical Byzantine Fault Toleration

Tower BFT is a consensus algorithm similar to PBFT. Making use of the synchronised clock is advantageous. system without incurring enormous communications overhead and transaction latency.


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