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The process of developing Ethereum tokens under any of the Ethereum token standards, such as ERC20, ERC 721, ERC 223, ERC 1440, ERC 82, ERC 621, and so on, is known as Ethereum Token Development. Each token standard has its own prototype and features that define an ethereum token’s appearance and operation. The ethereum tokens issued can be utilised in a variety of blockchain applications, including ICOs, STOs, Dapps, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Exchanges, and so on.

At OGSS we offer the best ethereum token development services on ERC standards such as ERC 20, ERC 721, ERC 223, ERC 82, ERC 621 and so on. As a token development company, we develop tokens on any n

Ethereum Token Development Services

Token Migration

Convert your ERC20 token to the trustworthy token standard by migrating it from the betanet to the mainnet of any blockchain.

Cold Storage

We create the greatest cold storage medium, as well as hardware security for token security and any breaches.

Smart Contract Development

We create a separate smart contract for your token on the Ethereum blockchain and customise it based on your preferences.

Token Creation

Optimized outclass generation of fungible and non-fungible ERC 20 tokens that are more sustainable and recyclable on the Ethereum network.

Token Migration and Listing

Our experts can help you list the produced tokens on several prominent crypto exchanges to increase their visibility and attract investors.

Token Wallet Development

Creating separate customised crypto wallets to store and administer ethereum tokens developed according to any ethereum standard.

Ethereum Token Development Services

ERC 20 Token Development

ERC 20 comprises the list of rules and regulations for creating tokens and smart contracts on ethereum blockchains. It defines how tokens transfers and token access between various addresses.

ERC 721 Token Development

ERC 721 is a more advanced “non-fungible“ token standard. Each token in the ERC 721 standard is totally non-interchangeable and one-of-a-kind.

ERC 223 Token Development

ERC 223 is an ethereum token standard proposed with the main intention of preventing the token losses while transferring tokens. Each token transfer is handled as an event like ether transactions.

ERC 20 Token Development

ERC 777 is a new and advanced token standard proposed to eliminate the send-tokens-to-contract bugs present in the ERC 20 standard.

ERC 827 Token Development

It is an enhanced version of the well-known ERC20 standard that allows for basic token transfers as well as calls within the transfer and approval process.

ERC 1155 Token Development

This standard allows for the management of any sort of token. We can use fungible, non-fungible, debt, or any other sort of token in this contract.

Why OGSS For Ethereum Token Development?

  1. Marketing and ICO release
  2. Smart contract development
  3. Crypto industry dominance
  4. Best customer service
  5. Periodic updates
  6. Rapid response time
  7. Extraordinary technical expertise
  8. Unique strategies for token creation


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